Premium Cloud Solutions & Affordable Dedicated Servers for Your Big Ideas

From next-level PaaS cloud services to the raw power of bare-metal dedicated server hosting
RedSwitches has a perfect hosting solution for your needs,
regardless of where you are in your growth cycle

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Dedicated Solutions

Bare metal servers, premium
managed services, VPS &
comprehensive infrastructure

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Cloud Solutions

Next-generation PaaS enables rapid development and deployment, automatic scaling and simple management.

Develop faster and scale instantly in the cloud

Redswitches PaaS powered by Jelastic gives you the tools you need to develop
and deploy apps quicker than ever. Plus, automatic scaling and pay-as-you-use
pricing gives you performance for an unbeatable price.



Deploy apps instantly with zero code changes using simple integrated tools

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Scale vertically and horizontally, automatically. And pay only for the resources you consume.

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Get one-click access to preconfigured programming environments, app servers and plugins.

Dedicated infrastructure for security and performance

There's still nothing faster or more secure than the pure power of dedicated server providers. Looking for dedicated server Europe? Our bare metal dedicated server hosting options use the newest brand-name hardware and can be deployed all over the globe. Whether you do it yourself or want premium management, RedSwitches has the solution for you.

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Single-tenant servers

High-availability dedicated servers for the ultimate in control, performance and security.

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Global Reach

Deploy 100tb dedicated servers all over the world with ease using our global network of data centers

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Superior Service

Get your problems solved 24-hours per day, 7 days per week by our industry-leading support team.

Find the right solution for you

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If you’re looking for a way to spend more time coding and less time configuring servers, then our next-generation PaaS cloud is for you.

Create programming environments for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET in seconds. Add app servers with a single click. And deploy your apps in seconds using a wide variety of integrated tools.

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Need to accelerate your development schedule to get to market sooner? And how can you prepare for success without blowing your budget on expensive hardware?

The preconfigured development tools in the RedSwitches Paas cloud get your team coding faster without wasting time on complex configurations.

And the auto-scaling feature allows you to be prepared for traffic spikes without paying for high processing limits that you never reach.

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Your high-demand legacy software presents unique infrastructure and processing challenges. What to do?

We can help you containerize your legacy app and bring it to our PaaS cloud, where auto-scaling and pay-as you-use pricing could save you 50% or more on your hosting costs.

Or, if you require a dedicated solution, we'd be glad to help you migrate to high-availability servers in any of our global data centers.

Welcome to the best hosting
experience you'll ever have.

We're proud of our lightning-fast servers and network at RedSwitches. But we know not the only company that can build a fast server. And that's why our focus is on more than just hardware and bandwidth. We're problem solvers. We partner with you to find or create the hosting solution that works best for your business. And we'll apply all our extensive knowledge, high-performance hardware and global data centers to help you with your infrastructure needs. Our support staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions and our talented engineers will go above and beyond to make sure that you'll never need to shop for another hosting company ever again.

Review Section

RedSwitches means worldwide connectivity

We offer high-availability servers in global locations like the USA (east & west), Netherlands,
Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Wherever you do business, we have the processing power and connectivity to deliver
even your largest applications at blazing speeds.

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